Farmhouse Kitchen

Dining at Creekside Resort 


Dining at Creekside means fresh, local foods prepared with care and enjoyed in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere---on the porch of your cottage, on the front porch or dining area of the Farmhouse, or even on one of our trails with a picnic backpack.  All our meals are prepared using the highest quality ingredients.  Whenever possible we use local and organic produce, often from our own garden, orchard, and greenhouse.  We serve fresh local eggs and pastured poultry, grass-fed beef and lamb raised on local farms.  From organic suppliers we procure flours, grains, coffees, and key ingredients. Our cooking style is simple, fresh, and delicious, making the most of the good foods we use.  We consistently hear from our guests how much the food at Creekside adds to the pleasure of their stay.




Breakfast is included for all guests lodging at the nightly rate.  On weekdays a breakfast basket will be delivered to your cottage or to the Farmhouse dining area, for those guests staying in the Farmhouse Inn. Your breakfast basket options include homemade baked goods, fresh fruit, homemade granola,  organic yogurt, juice, tea, coffee, and Amish butter. If you would like a warm breakfast we will include a frittata or baked oatmeal for you to enjoy.  On Saturday and Sunday and some weekday mornings a cooked breakfast is served at the Farmhouse. Farmhouse breakfasts often include fresh pancakes, frittata omelets, or french toast.   We are proud to offer you blackberry jam and apple butter from our own organic orchard and, mother nature willing, in season we serve berries from the garden, and peaches, pears, and apples fresh from the orchard.



Fresh and delicious dinners are available any night of the week with advance reservation.  When reserving your accommodations, please let us know if you are interested in dinner and we will email you menus for the time of your visit as soon as they are available.  We appreciate 72 hours notice for dinner, if possible.  We will do our best to serve shorter notice requests, if we are able.  If you are staying in a cottage your dinner will be delivered to your cottage.  If you are staying at the Farmhouse, your dinner will be delivered to the dining area of the Farmhouse. 


All our cottages have complete kitchens where you can do your own cooking if you wish.  The Farmhouse rooms and suites do not have kitchen access, but there is a refrigerator for guests to use for drinks and snacks.


Please make reservations for all dinners in advance.  Dinners for two include a bottle of wine or other beverage and range in price from $82-$95 per couple.  An 18% service charge will be added to all dinners served at the Farmhouse and delivered to cottages.


Sample Dinner Menu Options


All meals are served with a fresh seasonal garden salad, Jeff’s artisan bread and a bottle of your choice of   Bottle of Coastal Vines Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon, Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider or a selection of beers and fruit spritzers. Wine upgrade choices are also available.  Dessert options include your choice of cheesecake, flourless chocolate cake or apple pie cake. 


Entree Options


Roast Cornish Hen with Rosemary and Garlic

Creekside pastured Cornish game hen/broiler roasted with fresh garlic and rosemary,

roasted red potatoes,


Naked Beef Burger with Mushrooms, Onions and Blue Cheese

Monroe County grass-fed beef deliciously seasoned, topped with sautéed mushrooms and onions and blue cheese and served on a bed of re-fried rice

Naked Lamb Burger with Feta, topped with Roasted Tomatoes and Basil

Monroe County grass-fed lamb deliciously seasoned and stuffed with feta cheese

and topped with our home-grown roasted tomatoes served on a bed of re-fried rice


Lasagna with Mushrooms and Spinach and mixed Cheeses

Vegetarian delight with portabella mushrooms, spinach and perfectly blended cheeses and herbs


Apple & Honey Baked Barbeque Chicken & Roasted Red Potatoes

Creekside pastured poultry leg/thigh quarter slow-baked with our delicate organic apple and honey barbeque


Sautéed Tempeh with Onions and Garden Greens (vegan)

Tempeh seasoned with garlic, cumin and tamari and sautéed with onions and Swiss chard or kale as the garden provides...served on a bed of refried rice


Another option for lunch or dinner---Our picnic backpack for two.............$65

We have recently added to our list of dining options some lovely backpack picnics. You decide which trail you want to hike and where to enjoy your picnic.  What could be more pleasing than a picnic on the High Meadow Trail or along Indian Creek, with the colors of fall foliage all around!
Your picnic is packed in a comfortable backpack cooler with cotton picnic table cloth & napkins, plates, wine glasses, and small cutting board.
Open your backpack to find these basic options and other seasonal delights:

Summer Sausage, Smoked Trout or Hummus Spread
Sharp Cheddar or Cream Cheese & Herb Spread
Crackers or Multi-Grain Baguette
Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
Brownies or Cookies
Spring Water
A bottle of Coastal Vines Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay or Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider or your choice of beer or fruit spritzer



196 Creekside Drive
Greenville, West Virginia 24945